2013 Awards


This year a total of 23 nominations were received from which 8 awards and 6 commendations were given.As in 2012 no Supreme Award was given.

The awards panel made its decision on projects that were deemed to have contributed in one way or another to the revitalisation of the city.As well as projects acknowledged for the retention and restoration of heritage buildings there were others that contributed to the social and cultural aspects of the community.The  individuals or groups awarded were: Jaqui Lee,Patrick Cotter,Richard Sinke,Richard Beale and Louise Cullen,David and Dorothy Hinman,Christ’s College,Countrywide Property Trust,Paul Stewart,Rekindle Canterbury Ltd,Christchurch Arts Centre Trust,Christchurch City Council,StPaul’s Church Papanui,The Temple for Christchurch Trust and The Transitional Architecture Trust

Everyone receiving an award is worthy of acknowledgement for their contribution, initiative and effort in making both our built community and natural environment a better place in which to live.

Members of the awards panel for 2013 were: Neil Roberts (convener), Joanna Mackenzie,Valarie Campbell,Ian Clark, Vivien Bishop and Penny Orme .