Sub Committees

Civic Trust Sub -Committee Members 2020/21

Vivien Bishop (Convenor), Lindsay Carswell,Tim Hogan,Chris Kissling,Penny Orme.

Publicity,Communications and Newsletter

Lynn Campbell(Convenor)Mark Belton,Lindsay Carswell, Judith Knibb, Neil Roberts

Heritage Urban Design and Environment
Ross Gray ( Convenor) Mark Belton, Anne Dingwall,Tim Hogan.

Events/Seminars & Social
Judith Knibb ( Convenor ), Vivien Bishop,Lindsay Carswell, Anne Dingwall,Ross Gray,Joanna Mackenzie.


Neil Roberts (Convenor)Vivien Bishop,Lynn Campbell,Joanna Mackenzie   

McLean’s Mansion fundraising

Ross Gray ( Convenor ), Lindsay Carswell, Judith Knibb, Joanna Mackenzie, Sandra Shaw.