Sub Committees

Civic Trust Sub -Committee Members 2021/22

Membership Services(Membership,Publicity,Communications and Newsletter)
Sandra Shaw (Co – Convenor ) Erin Snelling,Vivien Bishop,Lindsay Carswell,Hamish Gilchrist,Judith Knibb,Neil Roberts,Jocelyn Sleigh

Heritage Urban Design and Resource Management
Chris Kissling (Convenor) Mark Belton, Anne Dingwall,Ross Gray,Sandra Shaw.


Neil Roberts (Convenor)Vivien Bishop, Hamish Gilchrist, Judith Knibb.   

Ross Gray ( Convenor ), Lindsay Carswell, Hamish Gilchrist, Chris Kissling, Judith Knibb, Sandra Shaw,Jocelyn Sleigh.

Hagley Park and Open Spaces 

Ann Dingwall (Convenor ) Mark Belton,Lindsay Carswell,Chris Kissling,Sue Williams (co -opted member)