Board Profile

Who manages the Civic Trust?

The Christchurch Civic Trust is administered by a board of 16 members, all being volunteers drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. Monthly meetings are held to discuss current issues, formulate and monitor proposals for new ventures, initiate action to raise funds from appropriate sources, solicit public views and, where necessary, to take action through appropriate statutory or administrative channels in order to resolve matters of contention.

The 2020 Civic Trust Board

Prof. Chris Kissling [Chairman]

Chris was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2009, and elected chairman in 2016                       Emeritus Professor Chris Kissling retired from Lincoln University at the end of 2009 where he was the Foundation Professor of Transport Studies. He is a geographer by training, and a specialist in transport systems analysis involving all modes of transport. He has been active in local, national and international arenas researching, editing and publishing books, papers and media articles involving transport and land use. He has held appointments in four universities in three countries. He is a Past Chairman of the New Zealand Council of the Chartered Institute of Transport, and is a Board member of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS). He has a long association with Christchurch and Canterbury dating from boarding days at Christ’s College in the 1950s. He is a graduate (1963)from the University of New Zealand (Canterbury College), University of Canterbury (1963), and McGill University, Montreal, Canada (1966) where he completed his Doctorate. For several years he was Director of Planning at the Canterbury United Council immediately prior to Local Government reform in 1989. He continues active research and run’s his own consultancy business.

Ross Gray [ Deputy Chairman]

Ross Gray was a member of the Civic Trust Board from 1995 -1999. He was re-elected in 2011,and elected deputy chairman in 2016.Ross is a professional artist.

Tim Hogan [Secretary]

Tim was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2003 and held office as Chairman from 2006 to 2011. Tim has been in practice as an Architect since 1991.

Lindsay Carswell [Treasurer]
Lindsay was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2001 and has held the office of secretary since. Prior to retirement in 1996 Lindsay was a  teacher of accountancy and economics. He was the Civic Trust representative on the Port Hills Park Trust Board from 2002 to 2014.

Mark Belton    Mark was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2017

Vivien Bishop Vivien was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2011.                                                 Vivien is an artist and former art educator.

Lynn Campbell Lynn was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2014.                                               Lynn is a professional paper conservator

Anne Dingwall  Anne was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2000.  Before joining the Trust Anne was a proactive founder of  Friends of Hagley Park, which  amalgamated subsequently with the Civic Trust. Anne is the Civic Trust representative on the Nurses Memorial Chapel Trust board.

Judith Knibb                                                                                                                                          Judith was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2016.Judith has  been involved in secondary education, both as a teacher and in senior management.

Joanna Mackenzie

Joanna was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2001.                                                                     Joanna is an artist and art educator.

Neil Roberts

Neil was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2007, and held the office of chairman from 2011 to 2016. Until 2006 he was senior curator at the Christchurch Art Gallery ~ Te Puna o Waiwhetu. Neil was chairman of the Sydenham Heritage  Trust 2001 – 2009.                                                                  He is an independent art historian and art valuer.

Sandra Shaw

Sandra was elected to the Board in 2019. Born in Christchurch. Always interested in heritageand its preservation. On the Restore Christchurch Cathedral Group Inc. committee. Retailer for 26 years until the Feb 22nd earthquake. Retired now. Keen traveller.