Board Profile

Who manages the Civic Trust?

The Christchurch Civic Trust is administered by a board of volunteers drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. Monthly meetings are held to discuss current issues, formulate and monitor proposals for new ventures, initiate action to raise funds from appropriate sources, solicit public views and, where necessary, to take action through appropriate statutory or administrative channels in order to resolve matters of contention.

The 2022 Civic Trust Board

Gray-R Ross Gray  [Chair]
MFA (Dist), Dip Tchg, widely exhibiting professional contemporary painter.
1969-2016 taught secondary, tertiary, community Art and Art History. 1981-1995 HOD Art Cashmere
High School, Chair CHS Environment Committee.
Since mid – 90’s artistic and civic focus has been on heritage buildings.
1995-1999 Christchurch Civic Trust Board member; 2011 – re-joined Board. 2016-2021 Deputy Chair, Chair from 2021. Post-Canterbury quakes campaigned against heritage demolitions including presenting Civic Trust’s petition to Parliament. Organiser for heritage groups’ Award-winning Shop 7 ‘Valuing our Heritage’. From 2012 Deputy Chair Historic Places Canterbury. Committee member Restore Christchurch Cathedral Group.
Convenor McLean’s Mansion Fundraising Group.
2021 CCC Civic Award for ‘heritage preservation’. Promotes concept: ‘the greenest building is the one standing’ – wins for CO2 reduction and for heritage.

Shaw-s Sandra Shaw [General Secretary]
Born and raised in Christchurch.
Sandra was a retailer until the 22-2-2011 earthquakes resulted in the loss of her business.
With time on her hands, Sandra became involved with Restore Christchurch Cathedral committee, and this lead onto volunteering in the Award winning Shop 7, which showcased the tragic reality of the (mostly heritage) buildings being demolished.
Sandra ran a successful sales table in Shop 7, as a fundraiser.
She became a member of the McLean’s Mansion Fundraising Group, to help raise funds for the restoration of this amazing building.
She joined the Christchurch Civic Trust in 2018.
Sandra’s particular love is for Christchurch’s tree cover and the awful realisation of how many are being cut down to pursue the intensive housing happening in the city.

Judith Knibb [Minutes Secretary]
BA, Dip Tchg
Judith grew up in Mid-Canterbury and after attending Canterbury University has spent most of her time living and working in Christchurch.  She was involved in secondary education, both as a teacher and in senior management.  Judith is interested in restoration and design and protecting the heritage that remains after the earthquakes.  She has had a long association with Heritage Roses NZ (past Christchurch Convenor) and assists with the Old Rose garden at Mona Vale.  Judith was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2016.

Carswell-L Lindsay Carswell [Treasurer]
B Com., Dip, Tchg.
Lindsay was elected to the Civic Trust Board in 2001 and has held the office of secretary until 2011 when he was elected Treasurer.
Trained as an aircraft engineer with National Airways in the 1960s, then did a career change in the 1970s, completing a commerce degree and became a teacher of accountancy and economics.
He was the Civic Trust representative on the Port Hills Park Trust Board from 2002 – 2014.
Submitted against the Christchurch Proposed Replacement District Plan, 2015/2016, to remove many of the significant trees from the council’s list of protected trees and was part of a team that saved many of these trees.

Belton-M Mark Belton
BSc, and Dip.Nat.Res.
Mark has made Christchurch his home since his university days.  He is a forest ecologist, a lover of trees and a strong advocate for protecting and enhancing our city’s well-treed landscapes.  He celebrates the vision of early settlers and their successors who planted extensive areas with large specimen trees sourced from all over the world, transforming a barren landscape into a city remarkable for its diversity of trees.  Mark equally celebrates Christchurch’s outstanding architectural heritage, an ongoing challenge, especially with the losses suffered from the earthquakes.  Mark was the leader of the campaign to save Christchurch Cathedral. With the Civic Trust, he is committed to protecting and enhancing our city’s architectural jewels and its beautiful landscapes.

Bishop-V Vivien Bishop
Vivien Bishop graduated from Canterbury University with Honours in Fine Arts where she was awarded the Lonsdale Prize specialising in painting.  She has work in private and public collections including New Zealand’s National Art Gallery.  She lectured part-time in the Art Department at Christchurch Secondary Teachers’ College before teaching full time.  Later worked with antiques before returning to university to qualify as a G.I.A. Diamonds Graduate.  She is a member of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens and would like to see significant trees given more protection in Christchurch and in new subdivision developments.  Vivien is a member of the Vintage Homes Restorers’ Group and lives in a house built in 1892.She became a member of the Christchurch Civic Trust Board in 2011.

Anne Dingwall
MA (Hons), Dip Tchg, TEFL Cert, Gold DofE Award
2000 Elected to Civic Trust Board
Protecting the “public park” legacy of Hagley Park for future generations underpins Anne’s advocacy for Hagley Park – inspired by her father’s role in achieving statutory protection i.e. Christchurch City (Reserves) Empowering Act 1971. Recognition and protection of Hagley Park’s historic heritage a matter of national importance – Hagley Park is an area of historic and cultural heritage derived from its landscape design (Environment Court 2013); Hagley Park listed Highly Significant Group 1 in Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage. CCC District Plan (2016); Hagley Park reference group (citizens’ advisory body) established by Christchurch City Council (2018).
Convenor – Hagley Park and Open Spaces Subcommittee; Member – Heritage, Urban Design and Resource Management Subcommittee.
Civic Trust representative – Christchurch Nurses’ Memorial Chapel Trust Board.

Gilchrist-H Hamish Gilchrist
Born in Dunedin, Hamish is now a Christchurch resident.  His working background has been in Graphic Arts, Newspapers and Digital Print.  Living in these two wonderful cities, Hamish has an abiding love and respect for heritage buildings, beautiful parks, trees and gardens.  Hamish joined the fund-raising committee of the McLean’s Mansion Charitable Trust to raise funds for restoration of the mansion and to highlight public awareness of that amazing building.  He is a volunteer Visitor Ambassador at Te Matatiki Toi Ora, The Arts Centre. Elected to the board of the CCT, he hopes to help raise the profile of heritage preservation and sensitive restorations, at the same time championing well-designed new and innovative buildings springing up in post-earthquake Christchurch.

Kissling-C Prof. Chris Kissling
Born 03/08/1940, Gisborne, NZ.
PhD (1966) from McGill University.
Widely travelled academic geographer specialising in policy analysis involving transport and urban/regional planning. Course curriculum developer, thesis supervisor, mentor and author.
Appointed Emeritus Professor by Lincoln University in 2009.
Leadership roles in professional societies, including the Christchurch Civic Trust.
Fellow and Life Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.
Peer recognition as recipient of several esteemed awards.
Active Anglican.
Interests in heritage preservation in built and natural environments, especially iconic Hagley Park.
Second chairman of the McLean’s Mansion Charitable Trust during difficult phase of securing restoration finances.
Once a competitive sportsman, now limited to slow-paced golf, walking pet Labrador dog and gardening.

Oakley-E Erin Oakley
An IT professional, Erin is Christchurch born and has resided in and around the city for most of her life.  She has a wealth of experience from holding a range of roles in a number of different community organisations.  She has travelled extensively and lived overseas for a number of years which has extended her appreciation of all things heritage.  Having lived through the earthquakes and the subsequent devastation she has a strong appreciation for what has been lost and the importance of retaining the remaining architectural heritage we have. Most recently, Erin has been an active member of the McLean’s Mansion Fundraising Group.  She is looking forward to making a contribution with her involvement on the Christchurch Civic Trust.

Roberts-N Neil Roberts
BA (Art History) Dip FA. Dip Tchg
Was elected to the Board in 2007 and has a prime interest in the retention of our architectural heritage.  Until 2006 he was senior curator at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery and Christchurch Art Gallery – Te Puna o Waiwhetu. He was chairman of the Trust 2011 – 2016.
Chairman of the Sydenham Heritage Trust 2001 – 2009.
Inner City West Neighbourhood Association (ICON) 2016 – 2019.
Currently co-chair of the Sutton Heritage House and Garden Trust.

Sleigh-J Jocelyn Sleigh
BA History and Political Science
School teacher, librarian.
Founded and ran High Country Knitwear for 30 years.
Founded Timaru Civic Trust in 1984 as a result of the Timaru District Council deciding to bulldoze the Landing Services Building – the oldest building in Timaru, built in 1871 – 1876. Today the Landing Services Building flourishes as Speights Ale House, a Conference and Wedding venue, the Māori Rock Art Centre and a tourist office.
Jocelyn moved to Christchurch in 2012. Joined the Christchurch Civic Trust Board in 2019.